L. V. McNeal, Principal

Amy Lee, Assistant Principal

Ashley Haddox, Assistant Principal

Danderia Walker, Guidance Counselor





FAX: 601.731.1068

Welcome to Columbia High School

We are deeply committed to make a positive difference in the lives of our students which we prove by our tradition of excellence in the classroom and beyond. Our teachers and staff continue to work with conviction to provide our students an excellent educational experience. The quality of our staff is one of the reasons for our tradition of excellence. As a compliment, we have been blessed with parents who are equally as committed to the understanding that education is the foundation of success for their children. As an educational team, we at Columbia High School are dedicated to academic excellence and holding high expectations to ensure that each and every student will be a successful learner. We are committed to creating a safe and positive learning environment where staff and students promote and model responsible, respectful behavior in order to provide each student the best learning opportunity. Along with academic excellence, Columbia High School strive to be proactive to the social and emotional needs of our students. We encourage students to be kind and take a stand against bullying. We stress #CATS4LIFE in our students and reinforce this through appropriate role modeling. Columbia High School has an involved, supportive Parent Teacher Organization. Parents and community involvement are critical to the success of our students. On behalf of the entire staff, we are energized and excited to work with all children.

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