Library Schedule

7:45 I/E

8:30 I/E

9:15 I/E

10:00 I/E

10:45 Supervise Lunch/Lunch

11:30 3rd Grade Class

12:20 4th Grade Class

1:10 5th Grade Class

1:55 Recess Duty

2:15 Planning

Library Expectations

1.  Treat books and equipment with respect.

2.  Talk softly.

3.  Keep furniture and bookshelves neat and clean.

4.  Pick up your things before you leave.

5.  Return library books and materials on time.

6.  Correctly log off computers before leaving the library.

7.  Lost/damaged books must be paid for before the end of each year if you want to receive a report card and schedule for next year’s classes.